Meet Barbara and David

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Meet Barbara and David, the creators of Ella Ella!

Written with spirit and hunor by a mother, grandmother, wife, therapist, spiritual teacher and drawn lovingly by hand in a child friendly way by Barbara’s son, David-Peter Campbell.

Barbara Campbell, MA CSD has the capacity and qualifications to tackle many issues as she is a family counselor who is also certified as a spiritual director. Barbara combines these two areas in her work as a family therapist, pastoral counselor and a facilitator for women’s groups. Barbara is a counselor at Living Waters, and was former director of family life at St. Gertrude’s and also as a scriptural teacher. Her ministry of teaching scripture continues as she incorporates understanding the blocks to healing in a person by using scripture as the basis. Arguably, Barbara’s most impressive qualification is as wife, mother and grandmother to the one-of-a-kind Campbell clan. This combination gives Barbara a unique and well-rounded perspective on every day issues and feelings that can effect children and she can offer helpful and effective strategies to overcome adversity. With subtlety and allegory, Barbara can reach children and their caregivers and share important messages of the Spirit.

Ella Ella’s real life dad, David-Peter, is a talented and innovative artist. HIs hand drawn illustrations, done in colored pencil, beautifully convey the childlike spirit of Barbara’s writings. David-Peter’s day job as an outstanding and highly regarded nurses aide brings a sense of compassion and helpfulness to the characters. His work with Veterans enables DP to understand struggles and fears of others and allows him to create from a place of understanding, love and spirit. DP’s enthusiasm for all things Star Wars helps him to create unique and interesting characters layered with personality. In his spare time, David-Peter spends his time following in his dad’s footsteps, creating wonderful memories with his children and family.

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