Afraid of Grapes

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Hey it’s me Ella!  And my mostly cousin almost sister best friend Lizzie LaTish and I are trying to reach Mr. Mouse (aka Fred) cause we just found out for goodness sakes – Maddie Cakes is afraid of grapes!  Lizzie (aka Leonardo) was once afraid of elevators but Mr. Mouse told me to tell her to stand on my shoes.  (that’s when we met Sir Quelstone of Hamington – but thats another story.)

Anyway Goo says Fear (aka Gloomy Gus) tries to steal our destiny so since Maddie Cakes is training to be a rock star she has to be ok with grapes in case her fans like grapes better than popcorn.  Then she might spend her whole life looking around the corner for grapes to jump out instead of training to be a rock star.  Actually Bootie likes hot dogs better than anything even popcorn or grapes and then he hardly ever throws up!!

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