A Valentine Christmas

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Bootie here :

Maddie Cakes told me that she had a dream last night that her Christmas tree turned into a Giant valentine marshmallow heart !  And by the way she loves marshmallows way more than grapes so she was really happy but then in her dream she realized that her Christmas tree was missing and she started to feel really sad even though she loves marshmallows !!  Leonardo told her that her dream was politically correct because in fact on Dec. 27th Christmas Is over and Valentine’s Day is coming !!

So then I was making a snowman and grandpa Gooshey came by with a ladder and I asked him If he was taking the lights down ~ so he says, “ good grief no!! Christmas has just begun.  I’m changing a bulb!”  Note to self~this is a very confusing family to live in !  Anyway Cuppy aka Ella said Sam told her and La Tish that the Christmas season is 20 days long because its too big to put into one day!  So I guess that Grandpa Gooshey and Sam agree with God’s original idea!


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