Boo Who?

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Hey Danny here!

So yesterday Goo says “instead of dressing up like something scary this Halloween , why don’t we dress up like our favorite Bible friend.”


“That’s too weird” I said , remembering instantaneously that Goo has a Moses costume hiding somewhere in this house and not only would that look weird but everyone would actually think we were weird. Why can’t Goo just stick to basics-skeletons and superheroes.


Anyway we kind of told her we all might have to boycott Halloween. So then Goo says that Halloween was not a scary thing in the first place, it actually means hallowed, like hallowed be thy name. Who knew? And hallowed means holy and it was the eve of the celebration of all the saints in heaven.


At that point Ella said her usual dumb thing – “oh! You mean like the arc of Jonah?”

So Goo says “I think you might mean Joan of Arc?”


Anyway two days later Goo shows up with a Joan of Arc outfit and a cardboard sword. Immediately we began to plan our Halloween road trip when something even weirder happens! LaTish shows up and grabs the cardboard sword because she read somewhere that Joan of Arc was a real life superhero.  And that’s how LaTish got to be Joan of Arc with a t-shirt and a cardboard sword!


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