Just Show Up

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Hey LaTish here, so Ella and I are really bored today and Danny didn’t show up to bug us so we decided to make a list of silly starts that turned out to be happy endings. So silly starts were all the times we didn’t feel like doing something or going somewhere or even having to be nice and happy endings are all the times we just showed up anyway (even being nice) and ended up having a surprising adventure.

Like the time we showed up at Bootie’s soccer game in the middle of a hot, thirsty, dripping sweat day. And Uncle Quelstone was so happy to see us that he took us all to Macadoodles for giant sundaes and taco fries after the game.

Like the time Maddie called us to come and rescue her from a bunch of grapes that were chasing her down the street and Danny said “that’s so not real ,I’m not going” but as usual he showed up anyway right after Francinella and I got there ,just in time to rescue her from a hornet that was hot on her path, Danny the Dragon Slayer saved the day.

And then the time Goo was bugging us to show up at the hospital to visit Uncle Leonard and we all got on the wrong (or maybe the right elevator) and ended up on an adventurous time travel to join the Culper Spy Ring of 1778.

List to be continued, because Danny just showed up and we don’t wanna miss a chance to entertain him.

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