Sunday Dinner


This book whimsically touches on three themes: Encouraging children to think out of the box. Teaching them to never give up, and helping them to overcome their fears through humor and laughter. Parents often avoid talking about their child’s fears because they do not want to draw attention to them.

The truth is that drawing attention to them is the very best way to dis-empower them. In other words, lets swing open the closet door, expose the Woolys lurking behind the wire hangers and give them a pair of tap dancing shoes along with a wide brimmed top hat!

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Hardcover, Amazon Kindle

Coloring Book



Not just for kids!   Beautiful coloring pages with Gospel messages that speak to the whole family.

Based off the characters from Campbell’s acclaimed Ella Ella Francinella children’s book series.

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Birthday Ballet


Birthday Ballet is a story that children and adults alike can relate to with the same fun-loving and quirky cast of “Sunday Dinner” characters and some new friendly faces too . We all occasionally fall and when we do we may feel like we are alone , but we have to realize that God falls with us, when we fall together it’s less scary!

When plans fall through, we panic but in this book we learn that God always has multiple backup plans for us and we never need to worry.

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