Cowboys are Cool

Feb 17, 2021 | Ellagram

“Scary can be fun”, said Ella, pulling on her mask. ‘What’s so scary about a mask’’ ? quizzed Danny looking like something between amused and annoyed.

“I hate masks”, proclaimed La Tish, “they make me want to throw up!”

“Masks make me feel like I can’t breathe”, offered Campbell Allie, who had just arrived with Bootie’s cat.

“Well guess what?” said Ella, as she jumped up to join Francie La Rue on the trampoline. “I’m setting up a mask support group almost immediately.”

“That’s not only lame, its dumb” boomed Bootie, in his most authoritative voice.

“Dan, nobody likes you. You are not even being invited to join our group.”

Just as Danny was evaluating Ella’s chilling comment, Uncle Leonard tooled into the driveway newly arrived from Quelstone. “Sign me up, I’m in” he said as soon as he heard about the group forming. “Masks are cool….In the Old West ,hero cowboys always wore bandanas when they were breaking up fights in town or just to keep the trail dust from flying into their face!”

“AND,” blasted out Dan energized by his uncle’s backup, “they also used them as tourniquets, bandages,pot holders,slings,wash cloths,sun visors and filters to sift their drinking water.”

“Wow” Dan, smiled Ella, “I’m impressed…hmmm…maybe you could come to the group in disguise!”

Weeds Vs. Wheat

Weeds Vs. Wheat

Ella Ella wakes up from this crazy dream! The weeds are yelling at the wheat as if they are trying to go to war. A fight for the ages!

All Aboard

All Aboard

It’s Danny’s birthday! All aboard the birthday train, but he doesn’t seem to like his own birthday? Guess we’ll have to find out why.

One Last Dip

One Last Dip

As Dan goes to have one last dip in the pool, Mr. Mouse tells him a little secret about “made time”