Just a Click Away

Mar 31, 2021 | Ellagram

It’s me Liz and I hate everybody today – almost! So we were all Zooming about Easter plans and Goo asked us, “If you guys could get one compliment on Easter Sunday, what is the complement that would make you most happy?”

So Dan said “nothing!” (that is sooo Dan.)
Then Mateo who does everything Danny does said, “Me too- nothing!”

So we were off to a roaring rocket ship start when Campbell Ally said the favorite compliment she would like to receive is that she has lots of friends!

So then Ella said her favorite compliment would be that she always forgives everyone ! (except me and Dan.)

Then Maddie Cakes said her favorite compliment would be that she always makes others feel good about themselves.

Then Francie LaRue said she would pick that one too plus that she had a beautiful smile.

So then Goo said her favorite compliment would be that she made people laugh at themselves. (weird!!)

Anyway I was the only one left that didn’t get to pick a compliment cause then our Zoom call ended so now I decided that the compliment I should really want is that I’m a good sport and never get offended. But the compliment I really want is that I am beautiful, stunning, brilliant and make everyone green with envy! Or maybe purple or orange!!

A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

Ella asked Goo and got the usual “Goo-answer”- “God’s Word says, everyone that finishes the race is a winner!”

Armor of God

Armor of God

Some gladiator talk sparks interest in the gang to make a movie about the best armor of all time.

Weeds Vs. Wheat

Weeds Vs. Wheat

After waking from a strange dream Ella Ella attempts to weed out the bizarreness to get to the root of its meaning.