The Arc

Mar 1, 2023 | Ellagram

Hey Danny here! So I was building my box car when I overheard La Tish tell Ella that Mr. Mouse was sending her an ark to save her from a bad hair day! So Ella said, “how does that work?” Now Lizzie is explaining very loudly to Francinella that arks have lots of jobs and lots of things that they do! So Ella asked Lizzie how she knows so much about arks? Then La Tish gets all annoyed and tells Ella she doesn’t know how she knows but that maybe God told her. So Ella says, “really? – What does Else does God tell you? That I am a SIGN and Wonder”! Lizzie shouts to Ella as she was wrapping her hair into a ginormous Ponytail. So Ella says,”Then so am I. I’m a Sign and Wonder too! So now it’s my turn – so I jump out and yell “hey Signs and Wonders hop on my boxcar ark. It’s Captain Wonder to the rescue!!”

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

There’s always a missing ingredient when it comes to Easter bread, and Ella thinks that Happy Dough rises faster