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Spirit-Filled Solutions for Children.

Ella Ella Francinella is a book series written by Barbara Campbell MA CSD (Certified Spiritual Director), illustrated by David-Peter Campbell which is finding its niche in the faith-based children’s book industry with mainstream crossover appeal. 

The Message

Through the eyes of Ella Ella Francinella and her family, Barbara Campbell will speak to children and their parents about life lessons important to all of us. Ella Ella Francinella is part of a close-knit family from Long Island, New York that enjoys many special times together, most importantly, Sunday Dinner! Ella and her family find themselves in certain circumstances where the need for a little guidance, or Spirit, would make all the difference. Although not overtly religious, Ella Ella Francinella always brings the story to a conclusion involving a faith-guided action.

God’s Sense of Humor

So anyway Ella, La Tish, and Francie La Rue planned to take a Safari through the county zoo. And of course it sounded like so much fun, every last one of the gang signed up to come. By the way, I’m Danny your Safari driver! So we’re all in the golf carts, bumping through the zoo, amazed at how many animals seemed to look brand new! Like we turned a corner to a certain path, and standing right there were five kinds of giraffes. Another time we had a scary fear when we came face to face with a long horned Watusi steer. There were wallabies and wannabes, even red river hogs, chasing after Miss Indiana Peafowl who only ate frogs. Then suddenly right out of the blue we saw what looked like a cow, but was a camel too! It looked like a cow from the front and a camel from the back, seems like our playful Creator had fashioned somewhat of a hack! 

“Hold on!” said Mr. Mouse, “God doesn’t have to make sense to you or to me, He’s all about enlarging our ability to see!” So that’s when we met Mr. Harry Zebu and discovered that God our Creator has a sense of humor too!

Rise and Shine

Danny here!

So right now Ella is singing some made up crazy-making song to a glob of dough sitting inside a friendly dented pot on Goo’s kitchen table, because Goo told Ella that Happy Dough rises faster!  So I was just thinking to myself that Team Dough was looking more bored than happy when smack in the middle of Ella’s serenade what sounds like a bike crashes into a garbage can outside the back door and a New York minute later Ms. Bekah Boo Spatterspoon lands in Goo’s kitchen, quickly assesses the Easter bread drama And instantly informs Ella that the Missing ingredient to make the bread rise is  PATIENCE !!!!!   “And by the way that’s what Easter is all about.”

But Goo said Easter is about Hope, so I am thinking is it hope or patience?

Patience probably needs hope to make it work, but right now I have no hope or patience, because it doesn’t look like Ella will ever get to the last round of  “Rise and Shine”. But now that I think of it, Ella fits in perfectly with the Easter story because she never gives up!


The Arc

Hey Danny here! So I was building my box car when I overheard La Tish tell Ella that Mr. Mouse was sending her an ark to save her from a bad hair day! So Ella said, “how does that work?” Now Lizzie is explaining very loudly to Francinella that arks have lots of jobs and lots of things that they do! So Ella asked Lizzie how she knows so much about arks? Then La Tish gets all annoyed and tells Ella she doesn’t know how she knows but that maybe God told her. So Ella says, “really? – What does Else does God tell you? That I am a SIGN and Wonder”! Lizzie shouts to Ella as she was wrapping her hair into a ginormous Ponytail. So Ella says,”Then so am I. I’m a Sign and Wonder too! So now it’s my turn – so I jump out and yell “hey Signs and Wonders hop on my boxcar ark. It’s Captain Wonder to the rescue!!”

From Tutu to T-shirt

“Bootie’s cat is so rando”, says Ella thinking out loud. In the middle of the tutu crisis he flies off to San Diego to shop for a hat!” Overhearing Ella, Sam jumps in, “it’s just like that unpredictable personality of the Holy Spirit, who is endlessly flexible in planning our next move.”

“So what if we fumble His plan and fall down?”, challenges Ella. “No problem”  says Sam, “Jesus gets down on the floor with us and holding hands we stand up TOGETHER.”

“Wow”, says Ella, “Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit wear a lot of hats and it’s kinda fun that we get to try them all on!”


Ellagrams take you on a short adventure with Ella and all of her friends! In between her big, book sized adventures, Ella and her family still have plenty of fun! Join us as we peak into the world of Ella Ella in bite sized Ellagrams, stories perfect for bedtime!

With so much of the Francinella Family already known, each ellagram not only represents a short story that shows all the cooky crazy antics that Ella and her family get into, but they also help send a message about our day lives to help better children and adults with themselves and the word of God.