Armor of God

Apr 28, 2021 | Ellagram

Since we had been talking about Roman soldiers and the coliseum, Sam thought it would be fun to make a video for Lent about God’s armor!

So “Madam Director” Ella Francinella told me I messed up the video because I forgot to pray the prayers for each piece of armor I was putting on while LaTish was filming and “Madam Director” was messaging her friends!

First of all , I didn’t know there were prayers to even pray and second of all if I knew there were prayers , I didn’t know what they were and third of all I didn’t know Sam was coming with the prayers and fourth of all if I even knew Sam was coming I wouldn’t know he was bringing prayers.

So Ella said her favorite thing to say- “Dan, that’s why nobody likes you!” and of course that’s Ella’s favorite explanation for every “dumb thing” she does!

Meanwhile LaTish and Carolina Sue said they spent 2 days cutting out pieces of armor from Goo’s fabric stash and I apparently ruined that too! So “No-problem Sam” finally got here and said , “No problem- that’s why we have an edit app.” (He said God has an edit app too and that’s why he never remembers our dumb mistakes.)

Anyway the prayers are cool:

  1. I put on The Belt of Truth to protect myself from the lies of the enemy.
  2. I put on The Breastplate of Righteousness to empower my heart to find some victory in every situation.
  3. I put on The Shoes of The Gospel of Peace to prepare myself to receive peace in the middle of the battle!
  4. Above all , I take The Shield of Faith to protect my mind from the fiery darts of critical people.
  5. I put on The Helmet of Salvation to remind me to think positively about myself and how God sees me.
  6. I take The Sword of The Spirit which is the Word of God and is sharper than any two-edged sword to pierce the heart of my “enemy” with truth and love. (Ephesians 6:14-17.)
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