Country Plumbing

Nov 6, 2020 | Ellagram

Bootie here, I’m back.  I just had lunch and dad and I are going to play a few games on the PS4.  Hopefully, Lizzie and Ella don’t complain about the country plumbing.

All of the mountains upstate are covered with red and orange trees.  Ella is talking about how she hates everyone cause there’s no wifi up here. Uncle Quelstone of Hamington says that’s because this is a country house.  Uncle Quelstone says that a country house is also a place that has country plumbing and that means that La Tish and Ella cant take 20 gillion showers every minute because the water pipes will spring leaks all over the place. Grandpa Gooshey says lots of people have country plumbing like when a friend does something really nice for you and by the next day you forget all about it.  MR MOUSE says that means heaven sends lots of heavenly help but we let it leak out.

The Arc

The Arc

Danny overheard La Tish tell Ella that Mr. Mouse is sending her an ark to save her from a bad hair day!