Lumpy Bread Pudding

Nov 11, 2020 | Ellagram

Bootie here,

So La Tish said “20-20 would be her most perfect year because she came up with 5 resolutions that would change her life!” So first of all I told her thats dumb because a perfect year could be very boring and all she should really work on changing is her attitude. But instead she has all this other crazy stuff like- eat oatmeal and asparagus 3x a week and have matching Vans for every outfit!

So then Ella said to me- “Bootie- nobody likes you”. So its interesting and vaguely concerning that ella’s top resolution on her list is- I will try to treat Bootie as a human at least once a day whether I believe it or not!  Anyhow my top resolution is -“tell everyone to stop trying  to be perfect!!”  

Its not really fun and it wastes a lot of time that you could be doing really good things. Uncle Quelstone says that good and perfect don’t mix too well. Its like lumpy bread pudding!