Noah’s Egg

Nov 11, 2020 | Ellagram

So it’s me, Ella, and I asked LaTish if they had brought any Easter eggs onto Noah’s Ark. As forever and always, Leonardo was indignant that I thought the Noah’s Ark story had anything to do with Easter!!

“It has everything to do with Easter”, shouted Bootie as he grabbed one of my favorite colored eggs. “Did you miss the rainbow in the sky? That’s what the whole story is all about!!”  Bootie always steals my best lines!!!

Anyway, rainbows are a sign of God’s promises and Jesus is God’s greatest promise!!  Let’s take selfies with our rainbow colored eggs and post them on Resurrection Sunday!!


The Arc

The Arc

Danny overheard La Tish tell Ella that Mr. Mouse is sending her an ark to save her from a bad hair day!