Over-The-Moon Happy

Nov 11, 2020 | Ellagram

Hey it’s Lizzie Leonardo La Tish-

So I caught Francinella singing a totally made up song this am about being over the moon happy!! About what??? I asked her,-only to find out that among other insignificant things she had found her peach mango lip gloss!!  So I told “Cuppy” (allias Ella) that her silly song was making me crazy and even a little mad!  Then I tried really hard to patiently explain to her the most ginormous rule about being happy!!! And here it is-You are not allowed to be happy until your life is perfectly the way you want it to be!! Its actually a criminal offense and probably a felony and besides all that people will think you are a slug settling for anything less than perfect !!!

So now Bootie is going around all day singing her dumb song to the tune of jingle bells, whenever he sees me just to drive me crazy :

“I’m over the moon
Over the moon
Over the moon
And back !!!!
Nothing’s perfect –
Everythings good
It makes my life work
As it should!!
Nothing’s perfect
Everythings done
It makes every day
Much more fun!!
Cause I’m happy
Over the moon
And back!!”

As usual Ella doesnt get it-there are rules you have to follow before you are allowed to be happy- There are things you have to have!!  There are ways you have to look!!  There are things you have to do!! You can’t just be randomly HAPPY!!


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