Star For Hire!

Nov 11, 2020 | Ellagram

Bootie here, when Sam came over to watch a movie Friday night we were all talking about what it would be like to be the Star of Bethlehem and have a really big job like that to do !!

Lizzie said she would probably be really good at being the Star because she loves maps and Bethlehem would be easy to find.  La Tish always acts like everything is easy peasy because she wants to look chill. So then Ella said La Tish would have a total panic attack if she was the Star and got lost in a sand storm or two. But Ella wouldn’t be any better because first of all she would leave late and then be taking selfies the whole time and then suddenly realize she was at the North Pole instead of Bethlehem.

As for me being the Star I would be the perfect Star because I would ask Mr. Mouse to be my secret navigator. He always knows 5 zillion ways to get to where he’s going even better than Grandpa Gooshey who is really good at it too but he even gets surprised by the different routes and ideas Mr. Mouse comes up with to get the job done! !   So Sam agreed Mr Mouse and me would be the perfect team doing the Star thing!!

The Arc

The Arc

Danny overheard La Tish tell Ella that Mr. Mouse is sending her an ark to save her from a bad hair day!