Where I’m From

Nov 11, 2020 | Ellagram


by Sam,

I am from I love you no matter what

And from it’s ok to make mistakes

I am from feathered wings and bedside prayers

I am from keeping promises

And from using kind words

From laughter and hugs

And from laughing at yourself

I am from Do your Best

And from always tell the truth

I am from please and thank you

From family RULES  and from Friday night pizzas

I am from “ think of others before yourself”

And from silly and fun

I am from saying “saying sorry”

And from “try it and see if you like it”

I am from showing up for Sunday dinner

And from sharing my guac and tostitos

I am from please forgive me

And from I forgive you!

I’m from Mr Mouse and Bootie’s cat

And from meeting people where they are at!

God’s Sense of Humor

God’s Sense of Humor

So anyway Ella, La Tish, and Francie La Rue planned to take a Safari through the county zoo. And of course it sounded like so much fun, every last one of the gang signed up to come. By the way, I’m Danny your Safari driver! So we’re all in the golf carts, bumping...

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

There’s always a missing ingredient when it comes to Easter bread, and Ella thinks that Happy Dough rises faster

The Arc

The Arc

Danny overheard La Tish tell Ella that Mr. Mouse is sending her an ark to save her from a bad hair day!